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Chime Suffers Outage That Prevents Customers From Making Purchases Accessing Cash


Chime, a popular challenger bank, experienced an outage that began Wednesday and extended into Thursday morning in what could be a blow to its feel-good reputation. Angry customers turned to Twitter to complain that their purchase transactions weren't going through and that they couldn't access their cash.

Digital Bank Chime Suffers Outage Affecting 5M Customers


The outage has been going on for the last 24 hours, taking down the company’s website and app, as well as shutting down customers’ debit cards.

Hot Online Bank Startup Leaves Customers Without Access to Their Cash


Chime, an online banking startup with more than 5 million customers, has been suffering an outage for much of past 24 hours that has left customers without access to their money. The startup blamed the disruption on an unspecified issue with a payments processor and said data was not at risk.

US neobank Chime suffers major outage

Business Insider

US neobank Chime was hit by an outage on Wednesday that lasted more than 24 hours, leaving customers unable to make withdrawals or deposits and without access to Chime's website and mobile app, CNBC reports. The outage is reportedly Chime's third since July and was caused by an issue with the database of payment processor Galileo, according to people familiar with the matter cited by CNBC.

Digital bank Chime goes off-line leaving millions of customers without cash

Yahoo News

Imagine not being able to use your bank credit card or ATM card for cash. That's exactly what's happened to millions of customers of Chime bank.

Chime suffers new disruption to mobile app, debit card payments


Chime, a San Francisco-based challenger bank, said Friday morning that it restored debit card, direct deposit, ATM withdrawals and phone services after it was hit earlier this week by the third system outage since July.

Online Bank Chime’s Customers Can’t Get Cash During Outage

The Information

Chime, an online banking startup with about five million customers, has been suffering an outage over the last day that has made it impossible for those customers to get hold of their money.

4 Things To Do To Survive A Bank Outage—Like Chimes


On Wednesday, popular online-only bank Chime experienced an outage, leaving customers without access to their money. According to a company statement on Twitter, Chime’s processor was “experiencing issues,” which caused both its app and website to be down. This is the online-only bank’s second outage since September.